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4/5/09: March Madness Leads To April Hope That Bankers Will Get It Together
Obama march madnessI am a more of a football kind of guy and plan on making football a large part of upcoming installments of my "Obama Taco Underwear" Painting Series", especially once the 2009 season starts, but in the spirit of bi-sportisan unity and to somewhat emulate our great basketball-loving President Obama, I've been watching a few basketball games during the NCAA March Madness tournament and think the championship game between Michigan State and North Carolina should be a compelling one. Here we have two teams who represent two very important news issues in America recently. Michigan State, of course, being in East Lansing, MI, is not far from Detroit who has been suffering all sorts of woes and upheaval concerning their auto-industry which has always been vital to the American economy. North Carolina, being a major grower of tobacco in the nation, has been having to deal with price increases to cigarettes ever since Wednesday when the largest federal tobacco tax hike in history was implemented, raising the federal tax from .39 cents to $1.01. Being a smoker who has long wanted to quit, I actually welcome the tax increase, and the higher price has motivated me to set a date for finally quitting soon. All revenue from the tax hike go to the children's insurance program, SCHIP, and who can argue with wanting to be able to provide better medical care for kids? Oh wait, George W. Bush vetoed it once, didn't he?

I now have my "Obama Taco Underwear" Painting Series" up to 20 installments and I plan on continuing with it. The most current painting is one I made to document the Rod Blagojevich media circus during President Obama's transition period, and soon I will start on the the post-Presidential phase, beginning with a painting to document the Inauguration which I hope to have up in a week or so. I am currently "catching up" and trying to get all of my installments current. I have quite a few partially completed installments which document the news events up to the present date but I just need to get them finished up and hope to have all paintings running completely parallel to the current news cycle by June. Until I reach this point I will not be writing any more editorials and will be foregoing updates to my Hairy News and Views Blog except for the posting of completed paintings about once every 5-8 days or so.

This past Friday was Pay Day but it seems that now Pay Day is more about paying off other people than getting any money from my hard work for myself. I work and slave making tacos all day, for 14 days straight, and then when I finally get my bi-weekly paycheck it seems I barely have anything left for myself. I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off Friday and Saturday, going from place to place to pay different bills and run different errands. I was feeling frustrated and tired and nearly got into an argument with one of the tellers at my bank, when suddenly I looked up at the televison they had on in the waiting area. It was President Obama on the screen speaking at the NATO conference and once I saw him I began to feel more relaxed. I actually just stared at him as he spoke, and I suddenly had more interest in what he was saying than whatever it was that I was arguing with the bank teller about. Suddenly it just didn't seem very important. I looked at the teller and smiled, said, "Okay, it's cool. I'm sure this will all sort itself out," and I walked over to the waiting area, had me a seat and just listened to President Obama speak. This is unprecedented for me, to have this much interest in our country's government and what is going on in the news that I would voluntarily hang out at the bank just to watch a politician speak.

Unfortunately, after about ten minutes one of the grubby, greedy bankers stepped out of their office and asked me if I was waiting for something. I said no, I just want to watch the President speak, and this bitch of a banker said to me, "Well, if you don't have any business to discuss here, you are going to have to leave. You can't just sit here and watch TV." So you see, these bankers don't care. They don't care about the country. They don't care about the President, you or me or anything else except how they can take your money and make stupid investments with it that bankrupt them to the point to where they ask for MORE of your money through government relief funds. Now, I do understand the nature of business and that it doesn't allot for a whole lot of compassion or sympathy or the giving of breaks or hand-outs, but this incident with the banker not allowing me to sit in the waiting room for just a few more minutes until President Obama was finished speaking just tells me that corporate entities in this country have simply gone too far with their greed and cold, calculating avarice, and that they have not acquired one grain of humility or respect after receiving all these billions of dollars in tax-payer money.

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