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12/30/08: The Secret Meaning Of Underwear In My Obama Art
Obama jalapeno hopeI want to discuss the "underwear" component of "Obama Taco Underwear." Though it is a subject so deep and saturated with meaning as to be impossible to cover in this short writing, I hope to at least add a little bit of clarity. In the most superficial sense, underwear in my art represents the "white people" portion of the trinity of the groups of Americans inherent in the name "Obama Taco Underwear." "Obama Taco Underwear," in name alone, represents the three major groups of American people. "Obama," obviously represents the blacks. "Taco" represents the Latinos and "Underwear" represents the whites because in the majority of the art and photos featured on this site I portray and like to wear "tightie whities." My predisposition toward white cotton underwear has nothing to do with a radial prejudice whatsoever but rather stems back to my childhood and what my mother had me wear; as well as my love of Herman Melville's great American novel, Moby Dick, where in Chapter 42 he explains the significance of the "The Whiteness of the Whale" and what the color meant to the obsessed, vengeance-seeking Captain Ahab.

In another sense, the underwear represents a breaking down of barriers. It signifies a uniform wearing of the same kind of underwear by people of all religions, colors, classes and creeds. As I watched Obama give his speeches on television, I was often sitting in my recliner in my underwear, and I was moved as I looked into the crowd and saw that they were all of such varied origins. The words Obama spoke seemed to break down any barriers and differences we all have as Americans, sort of figuratively "stripping us of our clothes," leaving us "half-naked" but far from alone. Whether or not Obama ever imagines the people in the crowd in their underwear to soothe his nerves is anybody's guess; and the truth is he doesn't need to because I do it for him! In my vision of America, everyone is wearing white cotton briefs. Everyone is free and comfortable, lounging around in their underwear, free of inhibitions as they eat Mexican food in a zesty, zealous affirmation of LIFE!!!

In still a yet deeper sense, the underwear represents a person's being able to listen to the words of Obama and not be afraid to admit that they like his speeches. Admittedly, at first I was somewhaat embarassed that Obama's message of unity and passionate calls for Americans to believe in their dreams left me misty-eyed. I've cried a few times while listening to Obama because he brings out long-buried desires and optimistic yearnings I haven't felt since I was very young. The stripping away of all my cynical defenses, the breaking down of my barriers built from years of disappointment left me feeling half-naked and embarassed. I was scared to believe in Obama at first for fear that people would see me in my underwear and laugh; that Obama would lose the election and I would feel like a fool for once again putting my heart on the line just to have it stomped upon. But as all Americans now know, that wasn't the case. Obama did indeed win and now I proudly pose in my underwear on this site in both a figurative AND literal affirmation of my unabashed optimism for the future of this country and pride in America. Do not be embarassed to admit that you love America! Show your underwear off!

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