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12/29/08: Magic Obama Moments During An Unforgettable Time
Obama jalapeno hopeI remember when Barack Obama held a rally in my hometown and how excited I was to see him. I felt compelled to attend the rally, I simply had to, like I was drawn to it in order to be a part of history. What I learned and observed that night was something I never want to forget and that is why the next day after the rally I began to work on my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series. I wanted to play a role; I wanted to take part in the movement and possibly even add to it.

What I experienced at the rally was magical. It was a magical time for our country which I doubt will ever be duplicated in my lifetime. Tolerant, progressive-minded people who had felt oppressed and shut out for 8 years under Bush administration now had a gleam in their eyes. It was April 30th and at this point it actually looked like Obama had a chance of beating Hillary Clinton. But she was favored to win the Indiana primary and being an Obama supporter still required a great deal of HOPE, especially when I looked ahead at the General Election and the sinster shadow of John McCain and the Republican slime machine. The last 8 years had seemed so hopeless and I was honestly beginning to wonder if a Democrat would ever make it into the White House ever again, especially a black man with a funny name.

There was so much hope in the air in that building that night at the rally! People believed just like those who worked on the ground in Iowa back in January believed and their reward was an Iowa caucus victory to prove that NOTHING IS SET IN STONE IN AMERICA AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!. Iowa served as the launch pad for Obama's success just as the rally in my hometown served as the launch pad for my commitment to the Obama movement for America. I don't want to ever forget that magical moment in my hometown when I got to sit just a few feet away from the man who is now our President. Back then it still seemed like a dream and now, months later I can't believe Obama actually won the General Election. I don't want to forget the day at that rally when I chanted along with the rest, "YES WE CAN!" when, in the back of my mind I honestly had my doubts. I've now learned to never doubt, to never be afraid to take a chance, to shy away from making the "safe choice" and go for the brass ring every time because anything can happen! I don't want to now take for granted that Obama won or become numb to it or start thinking that now since Obama is president he is no longer cool. He was a big underdog and he WON; and he won because of the American people who worked to get him there against all odds. His story is truly an American one that we can all be proud of. We must never forget how special it is!! I never want to forget the hard work, hope and belief it took to get our man in the White House and that is why I've decided to continue my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series into the Obama Presidency.

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