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12/28/08: Using Mexican Food As A Symbol For Positive Change In America
Obama jalapeno hopeObama has awoken all the hopes, dreams and idealism that I had long buried inside of me and I have chosen to symbolize this transformation by becoming a werewolf. It's a "Change that can make you HOWL"!! And what does one do when they have awoken the hairy, hopeful beast inside of them? They crave food! There is a hunger inside of me to make progress, to make art and to accomplish things within our nation's new movement of hope and I have chosen to symbolize this , the object of my craving with MEXICAN FOOD, mainly tacos.

Though I am a werewolf, I want to change the way werewolves are thought of. Just as President Obama promises a "different kind of politics," I want to be a "different kind of werewolf." I am a werewolf who appreciates the power of the moon though I mostly like to howl at the SUN. And though I have a hunger I do not desire to feast upon human flesh or engage in acts of violence as many werewolves in the movies do. I crave love of my fellow man. I desire unity amongst all people. The fact that I am a werewolf just means that I desire these positive things wildy, with great enthusiasm and with a beastly fervor, and my appetite for progress is best represented, in my estimation, by an appreciation of Mexican food.

Why Mexican food? Well, for one thing, since I am a typical whitebread guy in midwestern Indiana, I think it is important for me to begin exploring and appreciating other cultures. President Obama made note of this need on the part of Americans during the primaries when he urged us all to begin learning Spanish. Latinos are the fastest growing population in the United States and I think it is important that Americans appreciate their role in our country's future. Mexico is a fascinating land and culture to me, with so much room for development and growth, and their food is some of most robust, spiciest and tastiest on the planet! It is the kind of food that puts hairs on your chest and what more could a werewolf ask for?

Mexican food, to me, is full of life, it contains ingredients that are spicy and hot, so colorful and vibrant, that it serves to me as an excellent metaphor for positive change. I like to imagine that each ingredient of a taco represents a certain segment of America's population, that when taken as a whole it represents the Heart of America. The rich sour cream represents wealthy white people. The dark, seasoned ground beef represents the blacks. The yellow cheese represents the Asians. The red tomatoes represent our native Americans. The spicy hot sauce, of course, represents the growing, thriving Latino population who are as critical to our growth as a nation as hot sauce is essential to a tasty taco or burrito. The taco SHELL represents our nation as a whole, the framework within which all these components interact with one another peacefully. The LETTUCE, of course, is the love which binds us all together. I mean, really, what is a taco without lettuce? And what is a nation full of people who cannot love another and work together?

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