Obama As A Mirror And Motivational Leader For Werewolves
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12/27/08: Obama As A Mirror And Motivational Leader For Werewolves
Obama jalapeno hopeI created this website and began my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series because I wanted to understand the phenomena of Obamamania and understand what it was within myself that drew me to Obama. It was in January 2008 that I first found myself being extremely moved by Obama's speeches. I felt a certain magic and a sense of community with my fellow Americans that I had never felt before. In the faces of the people in the crowds I saw a certain optimism and a gleam of hope that often drew me to tears. Honestly, back in January I still felt that Obama had very little chance to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. What Obama did for me back then, though, was awaken all the hope and idealism I had long buried inside of me, those dreams I had long left for dead. Obama made me want to believe in America again. He made me want to love my country again and become a part of this communal effort of unity to CHANGE things, and I realized that first I had to change MYSELF.

So I decided to change into a WEREWOLF. Hahaahaaa. I bought numerous werewolf masks and I wore them while sitting in my underwear in my recliner watching the election news, eating tacos I often brought home from the fast-food Mexican restaurant I work in. I decided to become a "Werewolf for Obama," that the werewolf, to me, represented all of my buried hopes, desires and idealistic optimism that Obama brought back out of me. It put hairs on my chest and face! I'd never felt this way before! I felt ignited. I wanted to do something to help. I wanted to become a part of the movement so I just started painting pictures which involved Obama and things I encountered in my daily life.

OBAMA, TACOS and UNDERWEAR, it is these three things which figure most prominently in my life right now. At first, it all seemed silly but I slowly began to realize how powerful these three symbols can be. And I began to see that this is what Obama did, he presented himself as a mirror upon which people can see themselves in the most lofty, ideal fashion. When I saw Obama I saw a man who knew how to bring out the werewolf in people. Here is a man who made me feel almost naked, sitting in my recliner before him as he spoke on television, as his words and the movement he and the American people created stripped away my cynicism, broke down my pessimism and my fears as I sat before him and the rest of my fellow Americans in my underwear. I have my werewolf mask on and in my hands I hold a taco. What does it all mean?

Since attending an Obama rally in my hometown on April 30th, 2008, I have been working on this website. I have been taking photos of myself in my werewolf mask, wanting to show my support for Obama and America in the only way I know how-- as an artist who is fascinated with werewolves and the mystical, metaphorical power of Mexican food. I have made 20 "Obama Taco Underwear" painting installments at this point and, as Obama nears the time when he will actually be inaugurated on January 20th to become President I feel more motivated than ever to continue to cultivate my artistic vision and integrate it into the collective vision of all Americans, with the help of Obama being our muse and motivational leader!

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