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11/5/08: Election Night Leads To My New Look: "American Taco"
Obama jalapeno hope I think last night was one of the most satisying, fun and memorable nights of my life. To see Barack Obama actually win the Presidential Election seemed almost surreal and it totally restored my faith in the American people, many of whom I think were complete strangers that I kissed and hugged in my inebriated state of "being high on hope" (and more than just a few beers, I suppose) once Obama was declared the winner on TV. I spent election night at a Sports Bar here in the Indiana college town I live in. For the most part, I had been watching all election campaign news after work at home alone, sitting in my underwear while wearing a werewolf mask and eating tacos and working on my paintings as I've talked about elsewhere on this site. But for election night I wanted to be in the company of my fellow Americans so I could revel in that rare communal bliss that occurs when many people are gathered together and excited about the same thing. I also wanted someone around to convince me not to jump off a bridge in case McCain won. Hahahahaaa.

I got to the bar around 6pm, just as the Indiana polls closed, and I took a seat by myself in the back. I ordered a beer and a big bowl full of nachos, five or six tacos and prepared for an election day feast. I was watching the early Indiana returns as I slowly began to put my werewolf mask on, hoping no one there would be weirded out by it. I got a few stares and laughs from a few college kids but for the most part no one seemed to mind. A couple chicks at the bar actually smiled at me and seemed to dig it. I was pleased to see Indiana was "too close to call" early on and I began to howl in delight. I started stuffing nachos and tacos into my mouth and just let the hot sauce, cheese sauce and sour cream drip down my chin covered in fake werewolf fur because it was definitely a night not to give a damn about anything but CHANGE.

I started getting a little nervous to see North Carolina and Virginia returns being in McCain's favor early on and this made me drink my beer a bit faster. I quickly downed it and walked up to the bar to order a few more. While I was there I chatted up a few chicks and asked them to sit at my table and join me in the festivities. I had a babe sitting at my table to represent damn near every race in America. There was a black babe, a Latina babe, an Asian chick sitting right next to me and some Indian babe who was a student from Calcutta across the table from me who kept stealing handfuls of nachos from my bowl. I was telling them McCain jokes and we all made fun of Sarah Palin as we chugged beer after beer and stuffed Mexican food in our faces. By the time Obama was declared the winner of Pennsylvania all hell broke loose and I started howling like a madman, tossing tacos and nachos at people. No one cared. Everyone was so happy because we knew an Obama victory was on its way, so whoever I hit with a blob of cheese or a handful of refried beans just laughed and wiped it off their hair, face, wherever I happened to hit them with it. It was all good and it was all about getting Republicans out of the White House!

I was so high on hope by the time Obama was declared the winner around 10pm that I was kissing anyone I could get my hands on. I was hugging complete strangers as tears flowed down all of our eyes and beer ran down our throats. I remember grabbing this big, muscular dude, I think one of the local university football players, and sticking my wolfy, wet tongue in his mouth. I let him taste the tacos on my breath, then I gripped his cheeks and shook them, looked deep into his eyes and howled "GOBAMA!!" I felt all kinds of hands slapping my behind. I slapped a few rears myself, male and female, brown, black, white and red, it didn't matter because everybody's skin is the shade of some kind of taco ingredient. Everyone has a little wolf inside them and I knew Obama was bringing it out of us.

There was a point, though, when I felt this quiet, heavy and reflective mood come over me. I knew what it was, I still had my pants on! Ever since January I had celebrated all of Obama's speeches, primary victories and press conferences while wearing nothing but my underwear and I suddenly had this urge to strip down and be alone with my thoughts. I needed some time by myself to look in the mirror and see myself as I was during the whole campaign, half-naked and alone and hoping beyond hope that Obama would win. So I grabbed a few more tacos from this guy I know who works in the kitchen. I went to the bathroom and as soon as this college dude finished puking in the toilet, I went in with my tacos and shut the door.

Everything then got so quiet as I placed about five or six tacos in the sink bowl. I then stripped down to nothing but my werewolf mask and clean, white cotton briefs and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw my eyes through the werewolf mask holes and they were shedding tears as a spirit rushed through me. I saw all the white people's sour cream and the red people's hot sauce, emerald guacamole and spicy brown people's ground beef clumped and smeared upon the fur of my mask and I felt like I was in Heaven I began shaking in a fit of communal ecstasy. My heart pounded fiercely as I thought of the long hard road of the campaign, all the many hours I had spent watching TV news: the Iowa caucus; the Patomic primaries, the defeats to Hillary in places like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas and Ohio and the revenge Obama got in places like Oregon and North Carolina. I thought of the horrors of Sarah Palin, how much she scared me because I thought she could help McCain win and I began to howl in delight when I realized she didn't. OBAMA HAD REALLY WON!! I thought of the economic crisis, all those banks needing bailed out and how it ultimately put Obama over the top and that's when, in a fit of spiritual rapture I grabbed the tacos in the sink and began to splat them against my chest. I threw a few against the mirror, two against the walls of the bathroom and I started howling like crazy, so high on hope and in ecstasy over 271 electoral votes! I felt the taco ingredients smear against my chest They caressed my skin as I leaned my back against the wall next to the mirror where sour cream, ground beef, strands of melted cheese and cold green lettuce slowly smeared down to the floor and stained my flesh. I felt the cold and the warm against the back of my hairy legs; the red and the blue, the liberal and the conservative; and that's when my love for tacos collided with my love for America and THAT'S when I realized I needed a "new look". I needed a change so that night I flushed my old taco-ingredient-stained werewolf mask down the toilet of that Sports Bar bathroom and came up with "American Taco," the look I'm sporting in the pics on this page above and elsewhere on this site. This is how I will look all through Obama's presidency as I continue to work on my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series. This is how I'll look as I go out and do good deeds for my country because getting Obama elected was the easy part. This is how I'll look when I'm there LOVING AMERICA and I encourage anyone else who has been inspired by Obama as much as I have to change more than just your underwear. In these troubled times it is time to help your fellow Americans by CHANGING THE VERY CORE OF YOUR BEING AND LETTING THE WOLF OUT!!!!

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