Taco Werewolf's
Editorials About "Obama Taco Underwear" And "Obamamania" In General
Obama jalapeno hopeThese are my jalapeno-inspired editorials dealing with this website and whatever I have going on at the time. You can also check my Hairy News and Views blog where I post other writings and updates to the site on a regular basis. In the picture to the left you see a ring of fire around the mythical "Obama Taco Underwear." These are the flames of howling jalapenos which blaze from the ring and bring us all hope. We can either fear these flames and let them consume us or we can tame them as our prehistoric ancestors tamed fire so long ago. They ceased to fear the flames and learned to use fire to their advantage, to keep them warm and cook their food. To me, that is the Obama movement in a nutshell: crushing fear and replacing it with hope. Do not be scared to bite into the howling, hot jalapeno! Though its fires may burn your tongue, let the flames serve to enrich and add zest to your life rather than not bite into a jalapeno at all! Reach for the hottest, reddest pepper in the room because in AMERICA ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

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12/27/08: Obama As A Mirror And Motivational Leader For Werewolves
11/05/08: Election Night Leads To My New Look: "American Taco"
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