The Story And Vision Behind Taco Werewolf's
"Obama Taco Underwear" Art Series
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obama art taco werewolf
obama art taco werewolf
obama art taco werewolf
5/1/08--Hello and welcome to my Barack Obama fan site! Like many people in America, I've been sucked into "Obamamania," entranced by the Illinois senator's soaring, lofty speeches and calls for change. I am an artist and became inspired to create a painting series based on the Obama movement. I've looked around the web at some of the other Obama art and wondered how I could offer a unique perspective and style, how I could contribute to the political art of this historical period of time in an original, relevant way. I'd almost given up on how to do this until it occured to me one night in May '08 as I sat in my recliner at home watching the results of the Indiana/North Carolina primaries that I was once again watching the election results in my underwear and while eating TACOS for, like, the 10th night in a row!

I work for a Mexican fast-food chain that sells the best-tasting tacos in town. I get alot of free tacos which is one of the perks of the job; every night I take a sack of them home with me so I don't have to bother with grocery shopping. I've been so fascinated with the '08 Presidential Campaign that I can't keep my eye off the television. I can't get myself to go to the grocery store after work because I just want to get straight home to turn on the news, take off my clothes and sit there in my recliner chomping on delicious tacos while wearing nothing but my white cotton briefs, too obsessed to take the time to put on my pajamas, feeling too free and inspired by Barack to keep on my dirty, salsa-stained work clothes. I just want to sit there in my underwear in front of the TV and watch Barack give speeches as he inspires me with the hope that someday, if I try real hard maybe I won't be such an under-achiever! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Then one night as Barack was giving his North Carolina Democratic primary victory speech, I took a huge, snarling bite into a taco and cursed as I felt a wet sensation between my legs. I looked down to my clean, sparkling white cotton underwear briefs and saw a big red blob of salsa all over my crotch! It is then when I told myself, "This has gone too far!", that my life had become consumed by just 3 things: BARACK OBAMA, TACOS AND UNDERWEAR!!!. But it was also just a few seconds later when I realized that was a good thing, that I could turn my sad existence into ART in support of Obama and maybe even help to get him elected president!

That is why I have created this website, to try and share my own personal American experience of what the Obama movement has meant to me and how it has inspired me. Now as I sit and watch the election news in my underwear while eating tacos, I can also do something productive, working on my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series. In doing so I am also trying to better appreciate Mexican and Latin American culture, learning more about the Black American experience and getting a better grasp of things on a multi-cultural, global level. Like Taco Bell says, I'm learning to "think outside the bun," beyond my whitebread Midwestern roots and embracing the ideas of other groups through letting them influence my art in an effort to slowly evolve from being just a "typical white person" as Barack once called his grandmother. Hahahahahaa.

I know this may seem like a joke but I really am a Barack Obama supporter. I was so disappointed and disillusioned after the 2004 election that I didn't even think I'd vote in 2008. But I began watching coverage of the Democratic primaries in January '08. I slowly started to realize that maybe Barack could actually win and I was overwhelmed by his oratory, even becoming misty-eyed at times. He totally sucked me back in to the political process and I just wanted to do some sort of creative project to document for myself and any others who are interested, how much Obama has affected me. I voted for him in the Indiana primary and actually got off my butt to go to one of his rallies (but not in my underwear. hahahaa) when he came to my hometown which for me was unthinkable before this year. I'd never been inspired by a politician enough to even consider waiting in line 4 hours to see them speak.

I hope at least a few people enjoy my website. I can seem a bit irreverent at times, I guess, and maybe a bit bizarre or even crude. It is truly not my intention to offend anyone and if anyone has any questions or concerns about the content of this site or just wants to talk, feel free to email me. I'm genuinely more than willing to learn from anyone's comments, insights, criticis or suggestions.

EDIT!!--11/5/08--Now that Obama has been elected President I intend to continue on with my "Obama Taco Underwear" series and document all of the interesting, exciting events of his presidency using Mexican food and underwear as artistic symbols and metaphors for change. Stayed tuned to this website for more painting installments in addition to COMICS, WORDS OF HOPE and who knows what else. You can check my HAIRY NEWS AND VIEWS to keep up on any updates I make to the site.

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